The ideal Student has a strong interest in either Law or Economics and wants to pursue his career in the field of Management & Control, Accounting, Legal Practices or Consultancy, as Public Administration Management & Control Specialist, Private Sector Management & Control Specialist, Legal Expert in in Private Companies and in Public Administrations.

Each of the two curricula offers a specific blend of disciplines between compulsory and elective courses that provides a strong background in European Studies and gives an opportunity to train future professionals with maximum flexibility and competences.
The first curriculum in Law and Economics will allow students to work in interdisciplinary contexts both legal and economic oriented, related to management and control of European and International Institutions, addressing economic, legal, political, social and historical aspects. The main focus is to acquire a deep understanding of the European Union and its milieus to better comprehend institutional actors, and the management and control of policy making and political processes and legal and judicial issues of the Institutions of the European Union and its economic leading factors and impacts.
The second curriculum in Comparative and European Law aims at training Students as European jurists with all the necessary notions of private, public, European and International Law that are necessary to work in this field. The specific objective of this curriculum is to form lawyers able to act in any of these contexts in relation to key sectors of social experience (trade, competition, environment, immigration, fundamental rights, etc.).

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