Admission Requirements

In order to access the Master’s Degree Programme in European Studies, admission titles are those requested according to academic legislation in force. A University Degree in one of the following classes is considered admission title: L 14 Sciences of legal services; L16 Administration and organization sciences; L 36 Political sciences and international relations; L 37 Social sciences for cooperation, development and peace, as well as the possession of a Degree corresponding to one of the classes pursuant to Ministerial Decree of 3 November 1999, n. 509. In addition, students who have a three-year Bachelor’s Degree in another class, Master, or four-year Degree course can also access the Master’s Degree Programme, provided they have achieved at least 80 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits in the following SSDs (Sectors of Scientific Diciplines): IUS from 1 to 21: SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/04, SECS-P/05, SECS-P/06, SECS-P12, SPS/03, SPS/04,SPS/06, SPS/07, M-STO/02, M-STO/03, M-GGR/02, SPS/01, SPS/02, SPS/08, SPS/09, SPS/11, L-LIN/12, L-LIN/04, L-LIN/07, L-LIN/14. SECS-S/01, SECS-S/03, SECS-S/04, SECS-S/05. 

In addition, the Diplomas, Degrees or Equivalent qualifications obtained abroad may also qualify for admission to the Master Degree Programme.
English language knowledge, corresponding to level B-2 is also required, according to the Master Course Study Regulations.

Operating modes

Pre-enrollment payment slip

There is a pre-enrollment procedure in order to verify admission requirements.
The procedure is to register on the Infostud information system and print via the system a bulletin of the amount of € 10 and to provide personal data and the privacy waiver. The bulletin must be paid within the dates shown by the system and payment must be made via Unicredit Bank circuit bank branches, on the National territory.
Then via the institutional email address, if it has already been activated, or via the personal one, the outcome of the assessment of the application will be transmitted.

Students from other Universities

Before making the payment, students from other universities will have to register following the procedure described above on the web page
According to the procedure, students will have to transmit all documents for the verification of the requirements, including the self-certification of the qualification obtained, including the list of the exams and the correspondig scientific disciplinary sectors, and the proof of payment of the 10 euro bulletin. Failure to provide the declaration of the previous educational path or a negative result of the verification of the curricular requisites implies the impossibility of enroll in that specific course of study.

Undergratuates students

If the course regulations provide it, also students from Sapienza or from other Italian Universities can pre-enroll, provided that their Undergraduate Degree is concluded by December. Sapienza students deadline is January.

Single exams to achieve the requirements

If graduate and graduating applicants, from Sapienza or any other Universities, do not have all the curricular requirements, they can enroll to single courses before enrolling for the Master’s Degree. Students can benefit from a 75% reduction on the cost of each course. These exams are considered out of the University Undergraduate, nor they can help to determine an abbreviation of the Programme course of study, but these can be added to the student’s career.
How to enroll to single courses is described in article 28 of the General Manifesto of Studies published on the University website at page

Further information

For further information European Studies Master Programme web page is available:
The methods established after the outcome of the verification of the requirements are indicated in Article 8 of the General Manifesto of Studies published on the University website at page