The Masters Programme in European Studies (LM-90) aims at training high-profile professionals who will work in the International framework and increasingly globalized economic and legal context rapidly evolving through European integration process.

The Programme will provide Students with advanced knowledge and skills on methodologies, cultural aspects and professional requirements that will enable them to develop original solutions to legal, economic, political, social and historical emerging issues on the new European and International scenarios.

The Masters Programme was expressly developed in order to meet the needs of Students interested in acquiring a cutting-edge comprehensive information of European issues, in order to be able to work in Italian or International Institutions. In particular, the Programme focuses on the study of legal and economic issues that can be comparable at European and International level.


The European Master Programme in European Studies offers a unique opportunity to form an advanced multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of Law, Economics, and Comparative Law, specifically related to European countries, European Union and the European geographic area in general entirely taught in English.

The skills associated with the professional profiles of graduates in European Studies are oriented to train future managers, consultant, expert, diplomats and other professionals capable of tackling both critical legal and economic problems and address policy choices according to the European legal and economic framework.

The study is conceived to provide a classical framework of the disciplines involved with a specific focus on practical implications and case studies in order to favour a ready-to-use applied perspective.

After completing the Programme, participants will have a preparation in all the relevant fields of study to participate to public selections organized by European Organizations, Institutions, International Organizations and private interviews by NGOs, Multinationals, or Companies. Students will find the challenging environment of Sapienza University, a central “Star” of the Italian Academic constellation, surely Italy’s and Europe’s biggest University, with a relevant history in the most important changes and process concerning Italian society and now with a growing “brand” in International reputation.

The in-depth study and the applied perspective of the two curricula will allow the professionals of tomorrow to achieve a complete and thoroughly comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the European present and possible future scenarios.